img_0053…is “wasted talent.” That’s what Lorenzo Anello tells his son Calogero in A Bronx Tale as he tries to pry him away from an organized-crime figure in the neighborhood.  If you haven’t seen the movie and have pre-teens or teenagers, see it.

This weekend, we watched the movie with our ten-year-old grandson and fourteen-year-old granddaughter and their parents. There is some violence in the movie. But, it’s a great story; and, there are lots of life lessons imbedded in the story. In other words, lots to talk about.

In our weekend visit, I was also struck by their family blackboard which always has snappy quotes or ideas, sometimes offered by one of the kids or a parent. I loved the visual shown in this post, literally a snapshot of their current board. It seemed to fit nicely with the movie wisdom.

Basically, find the intersection of what you love, are great at, could be paid for, and that the world needs. Your search will yield a strong purpose for your life and/or career.