3 Words for 2014It’s the new year! For a second year, in addition to clear personal and professional goals, I am identifying three words to guide my days. Last year my words were Acceptance, Enjoyment, and Enthusiasm. As I consider the coming year, while those seem perfectly good words to keep, I landed on three new words:

  1. Intention: I know that I can be far more intentional in how I conceive of my day, important conversations, and my relationships. What will be required now is to slow down in my thinking and actions enough to take the time to be intentional.
  2. Curious: From all my work this year, I recognize that one of the most powerful practices is to stay curious longer. Especially with the people I think I know well, I want to resist the impulse to jump in with a viewpoint or think “I know.”
  3. Helpful: A wonderful consulting colleague of mine, John Balkcom, once told our frustrated team “Stop complaining, and start thinking about how we can be helpful here.” This year I want to challenge myself and push my work to be even more helpful with each person and team.

Following this writing, I am going to print and post My Three Words to keep them top of mind each day.

What three words would best guide you in the coming year?