3 wordsThis is my third year to establish three words to guide my work-life during the year. I learned this practice from a blogger I follow named Chris Brogan. The idea is to capture your intention with three words that will guide your thinking and action during the year. In looking back at my 2013 words (Acceptance, Enjoyment, and Enthusiasm) and 2014 words (Intention, Curious, and Helpful), I am struck by:

  1. How much they are still relevant,
  2. Where I followed my intent, and
  3. Where I did not.

I could take any of those six words and apply them forward to 2015. But, I had already chosen new words before I did my review, so I will apply the new.

For the Year 2015

Each of my new words has a work-life application and a home-life application. The examples below are some work, some home; but, they are not exhaustive by any means.

This year, I will put a post-it note on my computer with this reminder to generate:

  1. Happiness: I will focus on the “happy-joy” in any and all situations. I will be intentional about creating and then experiencing the enjoyment of people (you!) and activity (complex and simple). For example on the simple side of activity, walking to the subway in NYC could be joyous or could be  a blur (or worse).
  2. Abundance: I actually have enough of everything I truly want right now. Indeed, that’s an amazing statement to be able to make. Do I want more? Sure. Do I need more? No, I don’t. I have plenty of fantastic people with whom to work. And, while my work ebbs and flows, it has  been more than enough each year for the last thirty-six years (of which the last fourteen I have worked independently).
  3. Health: I am a very healthy person (knock on wood), although not perfectly healthy. By health here, I mean mental, physical, and spirit. This year’s gain will be in my own discipline to keep and create healthy habits. For example, on mental health, I can right away stop “terrorizing” myself with scary stories of deadlines, tax bills and backlog. I can and will step up my workouts. And to nurture my spirit, I can spend more time in nature or in new countries.

This year, my three words build on what I have already in place. Some of the work is to simply notice and appreciate the happiness, abundance, and health that I have today.

The words don’t replace my business or life planning, but I really enjoy the act of considering my guiding words for the coming year. How about you?