Each year, I select three words to guide me during the year. It’s part resolution and part intentionality.

Ask yourself, “What words will guide me to plan ahead, respond to circumstances, weather the bumps and achieve key milestones? Or maybe simply to generate satisfaction in my work-life.”

For 2017, my three words are:

  1. Kindness—Seeing opportunities to help someone and reaching out with a supportive word or action.
  2. Generosity—Giving my time and other resources to people and initiatives in my work-life.
  3. Perseverance—Staying on plan and continuously refueling my intention for key results and relationships.

Just to be clear, I think I am a pretty kind, generous, and persevering person. So, your words don’t have to be deficits. They also don’t have to be qualities or capabilities. Rather, the words should be ones that remind you or guide to stay the course, achieve your highest priorities, or be the person you most want to be.

I write my three words on a post-it note and stick it on my computer monitor. That note becomes a gentle reminder of my commitment for the year.

If you are interested, here are my three words for 20162015, and 2014.

What are your three words for this year?