Who drives you a little crazy? Who do you just not “get”?  Do you find yourself resisting the “way they are?” Well, that’s because you are human and human beings often see differences as wrong rather than “funny” about another person. The bigger the difference or stronger our opinion, the harder it is for us to be neutral and strategic. And, when that person is tied to a key result, we often move into a judgmental form of resistance to their “funniness.”

So here’s a little  mantra of sorts to shift your mindset from resistance to curiosity. Think of that person who drives you a little crazy and say to yourself:

IF I had been born to the same parents,

With the same DNA and health,

In the same town and country,

With the same neighbors and childhood friends,

Reading the same books and playing the same games,

Attending the same schools with the same teachers,

With the same siblings and mealtimes and vacations,

Making the same decisions in the same way about education and work or careers,

Working for the same institutions and bosses,

Married to the same person or not married,

Reading the same books, newspapers, (and on and on–you get the point)

THEN, I would be thinking, feeling, and doing exactly as this Funny person who drives me crazy!

Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t all have free will and the ability to change our ways. But, we’re talking about loosening up your resistance so that you can get curious, so that you can be more effective. It’s about building your knowledge base and then looking through the lens of another person to stimulate your own strategies for effectiveness.

We will be working through some tough cases in future posts…but, before we go there–think about this question: How are you a Funny Person for the people in your world? (i.e., how do you drive people a little nutty?)