Introduction to Creating Remarkable Results

How to define a remarkable result, the process for creating a result, and the capabilities required through your leadership.

Download Introduction to Creating Remarkable Results(PDF)

Generating Compelling Ideas

A “chapter” focused on how to create a compelling ideas–compelling for you and for your co-creators.

Download Generating Compelling Ideas (PDF).


A video that introduces how to think about creating a clear intention and a one-page tool for setting your intention for the day or a particular meeting, interaction, or piece of work.

Download Intention! Tool (PDF).

Introduction to Conversations for Impact

Conversations for Impact

This introduces how to be intentional and effective in conversations with employees and bosses. It sets out the view that there are three distinct conversations and the language required for conversation is often our worst enemy.

The toughest conversation is the feedback conversation. In our framework, we focus on non-judgmental information–easier said than done.  We offer you here a short piece on the feedback conversation and a companion tool for organizing your information.

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Expectations-Feedback Tool WORD

People Are Funny

An article that introduces the concept of People Are Funny and a one-page tool to guide your work to understand key co-creators.

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