photo[1]I’m not a fan of saying “I need a break!” But, I need a break. How do I know? In no particular order…

  1. I have stopped reading the newspaper online (I just can’t read it); all the news seems the same.
  2. On the way to the train, I can’t quite remember if I turned the fireplace off…and obsess all the way to NYC.
  3. I go back and forth wondering if I have “enough” gifts even though we planned to limit to a few for each person.
  4. I wake each night during the week at exactly 1:34 a.m….thinking, thinking. On the weekend, I sleep like a baby.
  5. I am annoyed by all the problems people have, even though my life purpose is to help them solve problems.
  6. I don’t even need my phone to be distracted.
  7. I DVR the finale of The Voice to watch at breakfast with my son.
  8. I keep checking to see if my iPad has charged while I finish my make-up.
  9. I forget to charge my phone overnight and have to ask my husband  to buy a charger for me before I meet him later (calling from a client’s cubicle).
  10. I create anxiety about a two-hour block of free time between appointments instead of see in git as a gift.

What makes you think you need a break?

I am looking forward to ten days off, seeing my grandchildren, watching them ice skate, hearing their adventures and eating fresh baked goods made by my 11 year-old grand daughter. I might even read a novel. I am going to put my phone away and treat it as if it is a phone (and not my portable desk). I’m going to really clean my office, really. And, I might even work, because I love it.

This post is my way to shake loose and really enter the holiday with presence.

What are you going to do to actually get a good break?