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Feeling vulnerable…with a new team or client? Join the club. There is literally too much to know, and companies are finally putting together teams with leaders for their complementary expertise.

Here’s my Top Five Things To Do When You’re Not The Expert, then listen to an audio online or on your smart phone.

  1. Be in Your Role: Why are you, and you in particular,  on the team, leading the team, or in the conversation? And, what outcome is intended for the work or conversation?
  2. Be Curious: Ask questions that illuminate the problem or point to solution paths.
  3. Be Engaging: Get the team or people to contribute their unique talent or knowledge.
  4. Be Acknowledging: All of us want to be recognized for our brilliance; call out the experts in the conversation.
  5. Be Confident: Rather than hiding what you don’t know, declare it.

Listen to the audio and find out the killer phrase that one of my clients has used for years that both declares his ignorance and shows his confidence in his ability to “get it.”

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