This skill begins with appreciating that People Are Funny. When you label someone “difficult,” you will likely engage or respond to them in a way that is resistant to their way of operating. We view through our own lens and tell and sell into another’s lens. When we experience their resistance, we speak louder, retreat, or try another tactic to get them to see it our way. Imagine if you collected observations, worked to understand that person, thought about how you “dance” with that type, let go of judgment, and created an approach that achieves a mutually satisfying outcome.

Understanding yourself is key to being a skillful influencer. You will look at the natural patterns of your co-creators and your own style to create the picture of the common “dance” that is done around projects and challenges.

It’s a powerful practice and makes the work far more interesting!

Download People Are Funny (PDF).
An article to introduce the concept.

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