Empty boxThis week is possibly the slowest week of my year. Most people are still on holiday. Those working are enjoying that the rest of us are not present. The whirlwind of family and gift-giving is over. What will I do?

Today and this week, I am going to unravel, organize, and empty. What that means to any of our lives may be different. In general, here is what I mean.

  1. Unravel (i.e., unwind, disentangle, solve or resolve, etc.) some problem or opportunity that is complex, systemic, or reoccurring. With a partially rested mind, I will pull apart a key question about my business.
  2. Organize (i.e., arrange parts into a whole, etc.) some part of your space, your briefcase, or your workplan. I have approximately 20 boxes in my basement that need to be unpacked and either put away or  thrown away.
  3. Empty (i.e., removing all the contents, etc.) your mind, trunk, junk drawer, old files, etc. I am going to empty….my Outlook Inbox (yes!). No small task at this point.

I’m going to spend some time each day for the next seven days to unravel, organize, or empty containers so that my start in 2015 is fresh. Imagine the space you can create!