Photo by Eye of Einstein

This post is in truth more of a “placeholder” than a full post. I wanted to let you know what I’m thinking about, and it’s too complex for one short post. And, I’d love your thinking to add to mine.

I’ve been reflecting on my clients’ organizational complexity and looking at my own little world of complexity. And, I’m pondering two questions:

  1. What part of the complexity is simply reality (the way it is)?
  2. What are we/am I creating (we could stop or change it)?

The world and people are complex. And, complexity is not necessarily bad (check out my pic for today). But the degree of complexity feels to many of my clients and to me as huge, fixed in part (and somewhat fixable), and often insane. Their 2012 goals are set, sometimes without full participation.  Their strategic initiatives (on top of goals) are in the double digits. The people and number of people with whom they need to orchestrate results is overwhelming. Their day-to-day distraction with interruptions and urgent requests is at an all time high—leaving most days with little “think time” or satisfaction that they got at the “right stuff.”

So, I’m thinking about complexity and simplicity. I plan to be more helpful in coming posts.

Here’s what I ask of you. If this topic hits your heart, answer the two questions for me in a comment to the post or email.