I’m in the middle of reading Walk Out, Walk On written by Meg Wheatley and Deborah Frieze. I feel recharged for my work and life by their stories of creating sustainable change in communities across the globe. Here are a few gems that I’m digesting now for my many roles in my communities. The headers are Meg’s and Deborah’s words. The insights are mine.

Power to Play

Why do we continue to solve our organization’s problems for them? In my clients (and in my own home), I am reminded of a strong tendency to see the problem, solve the problem, and then tell the people who must implement the solution. What might be possible if we gained clarity on our own intended results and then engaged our work and home communities in a play-ful, spirit-rich way of finding their intentions and pathways forward?

Start Anywhere, Follow It Everywhere

Why do we paint the picture for change across all aspects and delude ourselves that our initiative will permeate the broadest of communit(ies)? It is so tempting to get clear about a change that is critical to success and then want the whole to transform evenly. What if we found the team(s) or leader(s) who can regenerate the vision for themselves and have the energy and inspiration to lead through the next part of their path?

Scaling Across

Why do we insist that we “scale-up” our good ideas? Again, intuitively we all know that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all. But, in organization change I think we get mesmerized that the change will come the same way for all. What if we “scaled across” our best ideas for each sub-community (e.g., team, unit, etc.) to consider and adapt to their own work?

You’ll have to read the book to get your own insights. There is so much more. For now, think of what feels like a struggle or too darn big to accomplish and re-imagine how you might lead your community.

Of course, you may be living some or all of the insight above. Share your discoveries, successes and current wonderings.