GMA Your Three Words

This post is little earlier than Monday to encourage you to check out and register for my interview tomorrow with Dr. Rappaport. Join me for a great conversation!

I happened to catch a bit on Good Morning America last week called Your Three Words. People were asked to send in a video with the three words that “speak your mind.” The picture on this posting is obviously of a little girl having lost her hair from chemotherapy showing a chalkboard with Enjoy Every Day. Tears welled up in my eyes when this little girls video was played, making me recall every harsh word I’ve spoken, time not taken, wasted moment that could have been joyful—you know the experience.

I immediately started putting words together, rejecting most and finally coming to three words that match my purpose in life, whether in a personal relationship or with a client in my work:

Make A Difference

Might sound idealistic (I am) or commonplace (which I hope I am not). In fact, I really do want to make a difference and feel the difference others make in my life and world.

What are you three words? Tell me in a post below.