This week, while work slows down for the year, I am going to return to my Career-Life Timeline and my timeline for Remarkable Results in 2017. With a refresh on the first and a deep-dive on the second, I will brainstorm and isolate the top three things I need to learn this year to have my best success.

I will use two types of timelines to stimulate my thinking. If you haven’t ever created these timelines working with me, they are easy-hard to create. Easy in that you can get the first draft quickly and hard because the more you dig into the details, the better.

  1. Future Career-Life Timeline: Preferably using an 11X17 piece of paper, draw a timeline now-to-future (as far as you can see). Then lay in potential future end-points along the line. Put two types of end-points: personal above the line and career below the line. Be crazy and consider at least three alternative futures with alternative paths to completion.
  2. Project-Work Result Timeline: Same concept, draw a timeline now through the next 12-18 months (break out of the calendar year for this). Lay in key milestones and segments of work along the line. Below the line, identify the key relationships that are required and key times for engagement.

Then, step back and muse about what you will need to learn to DO, how to THINK, and how you want to more consistently BE-HAVE in the coming year. What do you need to learn or start learning to be ready for key career milestones? What do you need to learn to execute on your desired 2017 results? Identify the top three as those learning or behaviors that, if learned and applied, will make the most difference in your desired outcomes.