Remarkable TeamI asked you recently whether your team was poised for remarkable results. I wasn’t suggesting that your team is not remarkable, but even very good teams can fall short of remarkable.

Reflect on your team and these top seven practices for remarkable teams.

Does your team—

  1. Think strategically about the desired future state—getting really clear?
  2. Assess (honestly) the current state against that future vision and set clear goals and milestones?
  3. Design structure and identify shared accountabilities and “ways of working” that specifically drive results?
  4. Create a plan that integrates the work, decisions, and stakeholders?
  5. Think rigorously about key stakeholders and set strategies for building relationships and influence?
  6. Anticipate barriers, distractions, and counter-forces (more on counter-forces in a future post)?
  7. Accept (rather than resist) a crazy, complex world?

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you see lots of opportunity to improve. These are hard things to do for any team. It is so much easier to simply get a plan developed and get to the work.

In coming posts, I will take each one of these aspects and offer some ideas for the “how-to-do” of each.