Colors of the SunsetIt’s time to start thinking about what you want to create for your Self in 2014. Rather than pulling out your 2013 plan or pulling up your performance template, take some time to imagine what might-be-if.

When my son was about seven, he started to regularly say “what if…” and pose a pie-in-the-sky desire. Mom, what if I could be “an NBA player!”  or be “the next Justin Beiber!” or “kids could stay kids forever!” As a parent, I probably erred by negating the “what-if” game. But, hold on.

As I was thinking about 2014 planning, I recall many of your and my own complaints, goals, and desires and imagine they could benefit from a little thoughtful what-if thinking. I’ll share some of the ideas in two categories: Little and Big.

Little-Big Stuff for 2014

What if I could…

  • Be really present with my family when I am with them.
  • Make and take time for my own selfish needs.
  • Say what I mean because I have gotten so very clear.
  • Allow people who are important to me to be themselves fully.
  • Be on time and ready for conversations.

Big-Big Stuff 2014

What if I could…

  • Really nail an important learning area for me.
  • Deepen (or create an opening) with a key relationship.
  • Get a really big “wow” result without killing myself and others.
  • Be in my next career segment by this time next year.
  • Move my household in a joyful way.

OK, so those are a big handful that I would consider remarkable. How about you?