I’m not going to bore you with presidential declarations of the importance of Courage and Confidence. Watching TV last night and every night, reading the paper, and talking with people like you, I imagine the big job ahead of each and every top government official, organizational leader and an increasing number of  “you.”  I am in awe of the magnitude of dose required of courage and confidence now.

Last summer as I gave birth to my work on creating remarkable results, I identified these two attributes along with three others as essential to creators (The 5 Cs of course). As words, they can fall flat or excite us. Each of us can say we have them or lack them. How would we or anyone know? Hard to do because these attributes are both 1) a way of thinking and 2) grounded in feeling. Thinking and feeling make up “how we ARE inside” which is our base of operation each day. Our experience lives inside each of us with a slightly different twist.

Courage, in my definition, is the ability to ignite and sustain execution of an idea that faces sharp opposition from common belief. Confidence is the pattern of thought that links our evidence of past action to potential future challenges. I assert that we all have both. We just have to uncover and channel them toward our intended result–everyday. What do you think?

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