What Keeps You Up At Night?Every week, I write this blog with some client or personal experience in mind. The topics  most often fit into one of five categories—

  1. Bringing rigor to establishing a compelling vision for yourself and others.
  2. How to be a more effective leader (of a team or organization).
  3. How to deal with a challenging personality or inter-personal dynamic.
  4. Our inner world of shaping and re-shaping our thinking and feeling.
  5. The challenges of an ever-increasingly complex, illogical world.

Nestled under each of those big topics are the concerns, interests, and opportunities we have everyday. This week, I am asking you—

What keeps you up at night?

What situation, person, opportunity, or challenge rolls around in your head—important enough to deter or interrupt your sleep? What can I help you with? Let me know through an email at