Hello! The holiday season is upon us and as we close out 2009 (yippee!), I am fast creating 2010. I am advancing my work this year as a virtual presence for you and in developing a rich set of content that helps you achieve exactly what you want.  Here’s what’s NEW in 2010:

Three Virtual Networks

  • Great Creators Network for leaders who have big challenges on their plates or an innovative project with a stretch.
  • Clear Conversations For Impact for people who recognize the importance and difficulty of getting results through conversation.
  • Turn Your Job Search ON! for college seniors and recent graduates who do not know what job they want or are stressed about the process.

Mary’s Tools

I will be offering some of my tools and frameworks FREE on my website this year. The first one Intention! is already on the site for you to download.

Blogging and Tweeting

I’ll be writing weekly for three audiences: leaders, teams, and job-seekers. Some HOT TOPICS will be:

  • Virtual Leadership and what it takes to be effective when tele-conferences and video-conferences replace in-person meetings.
  • Strategic Influencing when directing the work and results is insufficient.
  • People Are Funny and my understanding of how to be effective with very different people.
  • Getting Clear about what you want to create and taking that clarity to produce results!

And, the thread through all of this work is the art of creating remarkable results in your business, leadership, and life!

I look forward to your participation. I invite you to subscribe to this blog to listen, engage, and share in the work! It a “no cost” way to stay connected with me which would add value to you and delight me.