BrandsLast week I talked about “being” your brand. I’ve been working on mine resulting in a major redesign of my website.

I know you are familiar with the concept, but do you try to apply it to you? If you are like most of us, you identify with your company or your profession. “I’m an operations leader at X company.” “I’m a sales executive for Y company.” “I’m a research scientist in academia at Z university.”

Yet like a product, we all have a certain branding. More ordinarily, you might think of it as your reputation. Your brand is not what you think about you and your value. It’s about what your key stakeholders think.

You might say, I don’t really have a brand. Well, if you don’t have a clear brand, you likely aren’t known by enough people over a long enough time. Or, you haven’t been consistently demonstrating who you are and what others can count on when they work with you.

So what’s your brand? And, are you being and building that brand intentionally? Three broad questions to start your thinking…

  1. What are you known for? 
    1. What outcomes?
    2. What way of working?
    3. What mindset and thinking?
    4. What deep or broad skills and abilities (the ones that get noticed)?
  2. How does your brand distinguish you from your competition?
    1. Competition for new jobs or new assignments?
    2. Competition for recognition in the marketplace, industry, or your company?
  3. Is your delivery day-in and day-out consistent with your desired branding?
    1. If so, then you are already reaping the benefits.
    2. If not, rethink or reset your brand.

It is critical to get confirming and enhancing data from people who matter in your world. What you think does not matter unless your “customers” experience you that way. And, you may be pleasantly surprised to know how you are known.

This fall, I reached out to a large handful of clients who have known me over many years. I asked about the work we have done, the value and my contribution. The result has been a re-jiggering of how I speak about my work. Less about my title of “executive coach” and more about the outcomes and way I advise and work with my clients. Take a look. I hope the site inspires you to do a little re-branding of your own.