Brooklyn Museum

Have you seen Woody Allen’s new movie Midnight in Paris? It is spectacular! The movie is unique and at the same time has Woody’s signature: nutty people, great music score, perfect casting…and a strong undercurrent about real life.

It’s about a young movie producer turned novelist who is in Paris with his fiancee and future in-laws. His longing for the Golden Years of Paris in the 1920s and his increasing irritation with his future family lead him into a magical experience of time travel at the stroke of midnight. He visits with Hemmingway, Pablo Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald and more. It’s a fabulous, fun, fantastical film with a message.

If you haven’t seen it and don’t want my reflection yet, stop here. If you want to hear my insight and tie to leadership and life, read the next four lines.

There were two messages for me that struck a midnight bell.

  1. We can look to the past to refresh our engagement in the present and our vision for the future. But, we can’t stay in the past, it’s no longer our time.
  2. Our challenge is to really LIVE in our current Golden Age, being fully present to who we are and what we really want. Anytime we glamorize the past or future, we step out of the real opportunity right in front of our eyes.

Did you see the movie? What were your reflections?