This week a client asked me, “How do you get really clear about the outcome (for a 2010 goal) if you’re not really sure what the future  outcome will look like?” I said, “You mean the outcome is hard to imagine beyond the objective stated?” Yes, that’s it.

Here’s the answer: Make it up! Imagine the best possible image or hard result. Define what you are clear about (and then drill down to get really clear). Then isolate what you’re not clear about. Create that  starting picture with clarity, clarity also about uncertainties in the picture. You won’t always “know” what you want, and even known desired outcomes can shift overtime. But, you almost always can be clearer than you are right now.

Here’s the caution: Don’t sell out. Don’t sell out by painting the picture you think you can have or should have. Don’t sell out by avoiding the effort to actually think and work the picture.

When you are clear about 1) what you know about what you want and 2) what you can envision as a possibility, you will move faster and see more opportunities to act in concert with that vision.

Here’s the way to start: with something small but uncertain, like the next conversation, request, drive home, etc.

Being clear and  intentional works! Try it.

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