Photo by gary70

Last week, I realized that I was sprinting back and forth from my office to my car, getting out the door after hastily sending 12 emails (always one last one to attend to). Did I remember to put that file in my bag? Did I turn off the gas fireplace in my office? Each time I had to turn the alarm system off and then back on. Why am I rushing? Because, I’m busy and pressured—by myself.

Is it really about a lack of time? I tried a little experiment mid-week by deciding to simply do one thing at a time in a non-rushed pace. Then, start the second thing. Stop working with enough time to get out the door “gliding” rather than sprinting. Guess, what? It didn’t take any more time.

If we stop physically rushing around, does the rushing stop? I found my answer to be NO! In fact, I isolated the biggest problem as my internal rushing. My mind is going a mile a minute and darting from one thing to the next and then over to a completely different thing. In the worst of it, I actually feel a little insane.

And, now the worst recognition. Rushing makes absolutely no positive impact on the result or outcome of my work. In fact, for me, it’s a big problem. I’m not the most detail oriented person.  Mistakes occur more often when I rush. And, my work with clients requires me to be very present which is more difficult if I’ve driven myself nutty. So, rushing has to be turned off before I get to work with a real person.

A sage colleague, Dr. Herb Rappaport, summed it up with these words to me, “Stay slow and your momentum will sustain you.” I am working on that momentum—it feels really good.

Tell me what you are rushing about and what your reflections are by posting a comment below.

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