MirrorThis weekend during a lunch with my son, he shared a litany of examples of why his boss is a bad manager (not the term he used). My husband and I listened, asked questions, and laughed at some of the scenarios before offering our perspective. I am sorry to say that my status as a parent has not risen yet from “don’t really understand” to “wise woman.” He’s only 19.

In my career, I have listened to employees complain, associates complain, and clients complain about their “bosses.” In consulting firms, consultants complain about their partners, team members, and (especially) their clients.

With my son, one of the strongest messages we shared was “until you are a manager, you do not know how hard the job is to manage people.” The advice was as inadequate as it have been with young professionals in the past.

I am writing this post because I read a LinkedIn post by Jack Welch titled “Would you want to work for…you?” I deeply wish I had read it prior to the lunchtime talk.

Read the post through the link above. It’s short and good.

As you move through your week, ask yourself the question. Notice why your would and why you wouldn’t.