Photo by thekeithhall

So often at the New Year we share what we are grateful for and our new resolutions. For the last month or two, I have periodically stopped my day in amazement of my client, my family member or friend, and…myself. Here are a few amazing people in my life (but don’t be offended if you can’t find yourself—there are so many of you):

  • My eighty-year-old father who takes tireless care of my mother, volunteers three days a week as a whale expert and snorkles to “count fish” for a Mauii foundation, and has kept his personal commitment to stay in relationship with his three children over his lifetime.
  • My step-daughter  who is wife, mother of two elementary school darlings, full-time publisher, calls her father twice weekly, and seems to think and care about every person in her life.
  • My client who is losing his eyesight, wakes up everyday creating courageous value for his company, raising three amazing boys, and still in love with his college sweetheart and wife.
  • My client who has led her organization with calm, strong leadership through a crisis, genuinely cares about her people, paints and quilts in her spare time, and cherishes her husband and family.
  • My sister-in-law who created a six-figure massage business, cares for her two aging parents, has been painting for 30+ years and now  a prospering artist, and truly loves my brother.

Notice that I’m not on the list? That’s because I am embarrassed to say those words about myself. It is so much easier to see what needs to be done, where the gaps are, or where I feel a failure. But, secretly and privately I have told myself “I am amazing.” Guess what? It feels good. Why don’t we stop and notice ourselves in this light more often?

You are AMAZING! Take a minute to make a short list of what you are proud of—big and small things—feel the feeling of amazement. It’s OK, you won’t stop creating. In fact, maybe your creation will get even better.