This weekend I found an old treasure in my bookcase–an audiotape called You Are the Message by Roger Ailes. I haven’t re-listened to it yet because I either have to sit in my garage or drive somewhere in my car with the only tapedeck I now own!

Many years ago, Roger Brossy gave me the tape along with some advice that the partners in the firm “want to know what you Mary Mavis think” about associate turnover. I was leading a taskforce and had some tough messages to deliver to (what looked like) scary partners. But, I took his advice; and, the experience and Roger’s comment have stuck with me for over 20 years. Think about that today when you have the opportunity to speak your truth to someone in your sphere of influence. Think about how you will enter a key meeting being the example of what you are set out to achieve. Think about how a key person will see you, hear you, and react to you as you focus on creating a particular result in that conversation.

Now I am firmly grounded in my work, of course. And yet, the concept of BEING the message still struck me quite profound when I came across the tape. As a result, today I feel an intense alertness and energy for the next creation.

How are you BEING the message around the results you have on your plate?

Check out the book or tape at online.